The Camera Lens Stainless Steel Travel Mug



Attention photographers, tired of the same old boring coffee mug? Then you will be pleasantly pleased with the Camera Lens Stainless Steel Travel Mug, it not only looks cool but it will keep your coffee hot while looking cool.

camera_lens_stainless_coffee_thermos 2

Camera Lens Stainless Steel Travel Mug Specifications

  •     Looks like a camera lens, but it’s an Insulated mug
  •     Insulation keeps beverages hot or cold
  •     Lightweight and durable
  •     Cap can become a cup
  •     Comes with carrying pouch
  •     Capacity: 17 ounces
  •     Love your Insulated mug: Hand wash, please.


camera_lens_stainless_coffee_thermos 3


You can pick up your very own Camera Lens Mug from ThinkGeek for $24.99


The Desktop Jellyfish Tank



So you can’t seem to find that perfect pet fish for your office desk, look no more.
Introducing the Desktop Jellyfish Tank, it comes with everything you need to care for your very own jellyfish, and guess what, it even comes with the jellyfish also, shipped right to your door.



The Jelly Fish Tank Specifications

Your kit includes:

Acrylic Desktop Jellyfish Tank
Feeding Pipette
Whisper Quiet Air Pump
Adjustable Airline Valve
Check Valve
Color-Changing LED and Remote Control
LED Power Supply
Voucher to redeem your jellyfish & food with free overnight shipping

Tank Specifications:

6 Gallons
Salt Water Ready
17”H x 15”W x 8”L
Clear Front and Back Panels
White Opaque Sides and Base
Optimized for Jellyfish
Also Holds Fish or Invertebrates

Jellyfish Specifications:

Small Moon Jellyfish, 1.5″ diameter (approx.)
White saucer-shaped body
Looks like a pulsing full moon
Four-leaf clover shape on stomach
Do not sting (or rather, their venom does not affect people)
Will ship overnight via FedEx and is guaranteed to arrive alive
Answers to “Squishy”


You can pick up your very own Jellyfish Tank kit from ThinkGeek for $381.99


Peanut Butter Cup Cake


Peanut Butter Cup Cake

Who doesn’t love peanut butter cups,now you can express that same love only bigger with the Peanut Butter Cup Cake by Williams-Sonoma.
This chocolate masterpiece is layered with mouth watering house-made peanut butter filling wrapped with deep rich dark chocolate that will leave you wanting another slice.

Peanut Butter Cup Cake Features

  •     Encased in a shell of dark confectioners’ chocolate.
  •     Selected ingredients with smooth Belgian chocolate.
  •     Hand made for us by Perfect Endings in California’s Napa Valley.
  •     Easy to prepare: simply thaw and serve.
  •     A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.


You can pick up your very own Perfect Endings Peanut Butter Cup Cake at Williams-Sonoma


Ed Speldy East CM01 Real Scorpion Computer Mouse

Ed Speldy East CM01 Real Bug Scorpion Computer Mouse
Coming face to face with a live scorpion could put a damper on your day very quickly, luckily Ed Speldy East has you safe and protected with the Ed Speldy East CM01 Real Scorpion Computer Mouse.

You now have the safer option of face to face scorpion contact without all those nasty poisonous stings.
Also keeps you on your toes while working at your computer being so creepy such so you are never tempted to doze off again while the scorpion mouse is safely by your side.

The CM01 Scorpion Computer Mouse Product Features

  •     Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  •     With True Enhanced Performance.
  •     Latest Technical Development.


You can pick up the Ed Speldy East Real Scorpion Computer Mouse at


The Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot


Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot

Turn your old soda cans into an afternoon of fun for you and your child with the Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot,this will defiantly put a smile to any child’s face and maybe even the parents too.


Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot Features

  •     Kit includes parts and instructions, just add a “can” do attitude
  •     Watch your child’s sense of accomplishment with the robot they create
  •     Great for the “science” enthusiast in your family
  •     Requires two AAA batteries to operate (not included)

Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot 2

You can get the Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot available at


Tony Stark Light Up LED Iron Man T-Shirt


Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man Shirt

Here is your chance to make an impression on the world,who would not want to walk down the street with a glowing chest mounted uni-beam energized by high powered photons,well really it’s powered by 3 AAA batteries but it’s still a head turner.

Iron Man T-Shirt Product Specifications:

  • Officially licensed Marvel collectible
  • Black cotton t-shirt containing a light-up Arc Reactor
  • Looks like a standard t-shirt, but it’s actually the Iron Man Mark IX suit
  • Flexible interior with knitted cotton exterior
  • Provides protection from adverse weather, UV rays, and temperature extremes
  • With fresh batteries in the battery box, Arc Reactor will glow when switched on
  • Will not prevent shrapnel from reaching your heart
  • Machine washable (all electrical components can be removed from the shirt)
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


Iron Man T-Shirt


The Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man T-Shirt is available at ThinkGeek for $29.99


Safe Kitchen Timer


Safe Kitchen Timer

Why should you have to put up with the same old boring kitchen timer most people have,time your kitchen duties in style with the Safe Kitchen Timer.

It looks like a combination style lock and contains a magnetic back so you can stick it to any metal surface such as your oven or fridge door.

Safe Kitchen Timer Features:

  • Kitchen timer that looks like a combination-style safe lock
  • Turn the dial to the time you want, then go read about lock picking
  • For that rare day you don’t want cereal for dinner
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ diameter
  • Magnetic: Stick it to your fridge


Safe Kitchen Timer

You can pick up the Safe Kitchen Timer for $11.99 at ThinkGeek


Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug


Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug

Start your mornings off right with the Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug, fill the mug up with your favorite hot beverage and watch the side battery icon on the mug charge up.

It’s a nice change from the same old regular mug.

Some of the Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug Features:

  • Ceramic mug changes color when filled with hot coffee or tea
  • Holds 10 ounces of your favorite hot beverage
  • Watch the battery “light up” when your mug is hot
  • Love your mug: hand-wash only. The extreme temperature of a dishwasher will destroy the color-changing parts of the mug.


Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug


The Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug is currently available at ThinkGeek for $14.99