Ed Speldy East CM01 Real Scorpion Computer Mouse

Ed Speldy East CM01 Real Bug Scorpion Computer Mouse
Coming face to face with a live scorpion could put a damper on your day very quickly, luckily Ed Speldy East has you safe and protected with the Ed Speldy East CM01 Real Scorpion Computer Mouse.

You now have the safer option of face to face scorpion contact without all those nasty poisonous stings.
Also keeps you on your toes while working at your computer being so creepy such so you are never tempted to doze off again while the scorpion mouse is safely by your side.

The CM01 Scorpion Computer Mouse Product Features

  •     Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  •     With True Enhanced Performance.
  •     Latest Technical Development.


You can pick up the Ed Speldy East Real Scorpion Computer Mouse at Amazon.com